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Lose up to 25lbs in 8 weeks!

Lose up to 25lbs in 8 weeks!

Lose up to 25lbs in 8 weeks!Lose up to 25lbs in 8 weeks!Lose up to 25lbs in 8 weeks!

RealABS 8 week Home Challenge

Stay Active!

Make the best choice for yourself today by participating in our 8 week HOME workout challenge! We all have an abundance of time right now, why not make the best of it by staying fit, healthy and active?! Take the opportunity this lockdown has given and lose up to 25lbs! 

No dumbbells? No problem!

This program was designed by our trainers to be used in any home gym environment from a full set up to those with minimal equipment or none at all!

There are video examples of each exercise so that you can learn proper form and follow along through your sets! A virtual training session!


Never get bored!

The program is broken down into two week increments. At the end of the two weeks, you’ll receive videos and a schedule to follow for the next two weeks of new workouts! 

Challenge Yourself!

There’s no time like the present! Currently we’ve been given a fitness blessing in disguise, if you will. The most common excuse people use for the gym is not having enough time. Well throw that excuse in the trash! Challenge yourself to become the best healthiest and strongest version of yourself in the comfort of your own home!